LaraconIN - Window Magic, Command Line Wizardry

March 24, 2024

LaraconIN - Window Magic, Command Line Wizardry cover image

Window Magic, Command Line Wizardry


Being an effective developer is not just about writing code. Keyboard shortcuts for window management, aliases, and understanding how to optimize your command line usage will all help you take your programming to the next level. Just as setting up your office is important for success so is setting up your computer. Although your setup may ultimately be different this talk will introduce some helpful shortcuts that you can use as a jumping-off point for your own setup. Even experienced shortcut enthusiasts may learn some new tricks.


LaraconIN is a Laravel conference that is takes place in India, and was in Udaipur this year. This was a 30 minute talk that that covers why you optimize your computer as a developer and how to do it. Watch or listen to my talk here!