LaraconAU - Tapping into the Power of Junior Developers

November 17, 2023

LaraconAU - Tapping into the Power of Junior Developers cover image

Tapping Into the Power of Junior Developers


Junior Developers can infuse a team with energy, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas. They also provide an opportunity for experienced engineers to develop and grow their mentorship and leadership abilities! In light of the Great Resignation, with tech companies cutting back with mass layoffs and reconfiguring workplaces, companies and teams that support and empower their junior devs will have an advantage in retention and team culture. But without the right structures in place to nurture junior developers, they can go from being a tremendous asset to a major loss for the team. As an early-career developer, I’ll share which structures and practices have empowered me and set me up for success, and what can be improved.


LaraconAU is a Laravel conference that is takes place in Sydney, Australia. This was a 30 minute talk that that covers why you should hire junior developers and how to set them up for success. Watch or listen to my talk here!